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What Cranial Sacral System Is Made Up Of?

The cranial sacral system is made up of the meningeal membranes, the osseous structures to which the meningeal membranes attach, also the other non-osseous connective tissue structures that are related to the meningeal membranes.

Cerebral spinal fluid and the structures related to the production , resorption and containment of the cerebrospinal fluid is part of this physiological system.

The craniosacral system influences and is influenced by the nervous system, musculoskeletal, vascular, lymphatic, endocrine and respiratory systems.

Dysfunction in these systems has a profound effect on the human body. Thus craniosacral therapy/cranial sacral therapy can restore these systems with the aid of the cranial sacral motion to a normal balance aiding the body to recalibrate and self correct.

Contact Gwen at Gentle Healing Motion for Cranial Sacral Therpy in Mesa AZ at 928-300-5935

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